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Women's Crown & Glory...

For a Female one of the most important things for us is our hair. That is the first thing people see... And with all the things going around these days you just are not sure if your hair will make it. You see this had been a problem for me for awhile now. I have All of the issues on the cover screen.

1. Vitiligo

2. Alopecia

3. Stress

4. Medication

With all the issues list you are bound to start losing your hair. One morning I woke up and I ran my fingers threw my hair. When I pulled my hand down it was full of hair. This was so scary to me.... If the hair was coming out in the back well I could cover that up and no one would know.

But, with my luck it's in the middle and front. The discoloration from Vitiligo is on my scalp, and where ever it touches I lose hair. I know a few others out here might have the same problem as I do. If they are like me you don't want anyone to see you like this. Each time you look in the mirror you want to cry. My husband says he loves me with or with out hair, and Love him for saying that. But, its how you feel inside with this problem.

I went to the Dr. to find out what I could do and he informed me that I have Alopecia as well. Wouldn't know I would take them on all at Then again I know I stress a lot and I have been working on that.

My other issue is some of the medication I take cause issues with your hair as well. And that is something I can't change at the moment. You better believe I'm working dropping some of them as well.

Things I'm doing to make " A Better Me" I'm doing a series on YouTube were I show of the thing I will be doing. And this will grow as the year goes on. The link to those videos are on the home page.

Sometimes you need to step out of your own way and let God show you what is best.....

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